Teaching Experience

Madam Memento

There are so many types of children from so many homes carrying different types of home environment, therefore, discipline is a must in the school, teachers must try to make the children understand what education is and why discipline in the school is necessary.

Love plays an important role in child psychology threat of punishment is not effective in the long run, children brought up in love have got different type of mentality, love and understanding help the children to-overcome personal complex, while the children brought up under threat may have inferiority complex and later on may turn into extremist when they reach the height of youth. Threat of punishment sometimes forces the children to lie, if one starts telling lies from childhood what will he be when he grows up?

Most children have more love for their mothers than for their fathers. That also is because of the motherly love they have been given. Even thought they want to help and make the best of them the children do not like to go near rude and mean teachers because in their small minds they hate such teachers, Example of love factor may drawn from an incident of the life of mahatma Gandhi, when he was a boy he fell into bad company and learn many bad things,

Once he stole a gold ring, sold it and brought cigarettes. After sometime his conscience pricked him. He did not have peace of mind, as he could not bring himself to tell his father of what he did, he wrote a letter to him confessing everything, his father was a very good man, and He neither beat him nor scolded him. After reading he cried, Gandhiji himself was touched. After that he left all the bad habits. Had his father beaten him he would have become a rogue. His father loved him and so forgave him. So he became an image of love and kind - heartedness.

Teachers as well as parents are the builders of nations, they can mould the children in any manner they like, Teachers should be sincere to their children carrying out our duties sincerely clears our conscience too.

One of the most important things is to keep the children engaged all the time. They may be engrossed in the engagement all the time and won't have time to be free for idleness, which is the devil workshop.

If we follow all these principles there will be job satisfaction as teachers as well